As part of the IVC Group, Itec Contract Floors is firmly committed to minimising the impact of its products and processes. With a full suite f environmental accreditations including BRE Environmental Profiles, Itec Contract Floors can provide your project with vinyl flooring designed to minimising impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. For detailed information on our sustainability policies, download our Green Policy


Wind Farm

In 2012 the IVC Group obtained the necessary building and environmental permits for an on-site wind farm. These three turbines are now operational and transmit the infinite power of the wind to our industrial park in Avelgem, a combined total that accounts for more than one-third of the plants’ annual energy consumption.

Cooling Water

The IVC Group has invested in an extensive project which uses the surface water from the nearby Scheldt river as a coolant. At the production unit in Avelgem, the water which is required as a cooling agent in the manufacturing process is passed through a closed loop circuit. The cold temperature of the river water cools down the semi-finished products at different stages in the manufacturing process, each time preparing them for a next step in production. So far, the results of this project have been very encouraging with a 30% boost in energy efficiency, a significant noise reduction and zero damage to the environment.

Energy Recovery

In every one of our plants, we recover and re-use materials, heat and energy in the course of the production process. The IVC Group calls this ‘The Big Commute’ principle. And we stick by it, every step of the way!


Recycled Resources

Our Moduleo design floors partly consist of recycled materials of a controlled origin. Through post industrial recycling we are able to distil a particularly ‘pure’ type of PVC with a very limited impact on the environment.

Waste Water

With the exception of tap water and rainwater, the plants of the IVC Group do not waste or spill a single drop of H2O. Water is not only used as a natural coolant in the production cycle, but also as a cleaning product during the stages of printing.

Waste Streams

From the get-go in 1997, the IVC Group has made a point of recycling the PVC waste streams generated in the manufacture of its products. Vinyl scraps are salvaged and then pressed into bales, ready to be re-used in a wide variety of applications. All surplus PVC paste is similarly recovered and injected back into the production process of our sheet vinyl.

Curbing Emissions

Volatile Organic Compounds

The processing of PVC inevitably releases VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which can cause damage to the environment. The IVC Group, however, uses suction and diversion to remove potentially harmful VOC emissions at the source. In Avelgem, the diffusions are rounded up and rerouted into a state-of-the-art condenser, which is able to recoup the bulk of these compounds and re-use them in the production process.

Indoor Air Quality

The release of volatile organic compounds is not only confined to the in-house production process of vinyl, but also likely to occur throughout the entire lifespan of building materials. Some products (such as glue, paint, or wooden panels) are liable to emit concentrations of VOCs for prolonged periods of time. The IVC Group has made great strides in counteracting this phenomenon, and in safeguarding the Indoor Air Quality for the duration of our floors’ long and healthy life. This commitment has earned our products the green A+ label, the highest accolade awarded by the French authorities.

Water-based inks and PU Coatings

The IVC Group exclusively uses water-based inks for its printing purposes. This decision has completely eliminated the risk of hazardous toxins being released into the air, and markedly reduced our carbon footprint overall. Moreover, the polyurethane finish that protects our Moduleo floors and keeps them looking fresh is entirely water-based.

Keeping track of our Achievements

BRE Ecopoints

All Itec and Moduleo products have been certified by BRE Global, the Building Research Establishment in the UK. In order to acquire this certification, products are submitted to a life-cycle assessment (LCA). Our excellent A+ and A ratings demonstrate the real progress the IVC Group has made in reducing the environmental impact of its products.

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