Hot Weld

1. Preconditions

Itec floor coverings from the IVC Group are developed for commercial, industrial and residential applications. They are heterogeneous floor coverings with varying qualities that contain different thicknesses of layers. When seam welding Itec® Contract Floors, the best results are achieved by paying particular attention to the welding of the top layers. It is recommended that the grooving depth must conform to the thickness of top layer, and should be to a minimum depth of 0.5mm. Seams should be cut in a straight line and gaps up to 0.5mm wide can be hot welded.

2. Tools & Equipment

Powered Groover

Hand Groover

Hot Welding Gun

PO-Welding Nozzle

Nozzle (in front)

Feed Roller

Quarter Moon Knife

Seam Slide

Trimming Knife with integrated Precut Slide

3. Conditions

Smooth and close, tightly butted joins.


Grooving must conform to the thickness of top layer and should be to a minimum depth of 0.5mm. Floor coverings with a top layer greater than 0.5mm must be grooved in relation to the stated depth of the top layer.

Powered Grooving

Grooving by hand

Grooving wall junctions

4. Welding

A welding gun or automatic welder must be adjusted and warmed to 440°C before welding commences with the exception of acoustic collection products where heat should be adjusted to 350°C.

The Welding speed must be approximately 3m/min and attention should be paid to the floor temperature and performance of the welding gun or automatic welder at all times.

Before turning on the welding rod, ensure that adjacent walls or skirting are adequately protected from potential damage caused by excess heat from the welding machine.

Continue the welding process across the entire length of the seam.

Once complete, check that no visible gaps remain along the seam and that the rods sit perfectly.

1A. Procedure using a quarter moon knife with seam sledge.

1B. Procedure using a quarter moon knife without seam sledge.

2A. Procedure using a MOZART seam trimmer with seam sledge.

2B. Procedure using a MOZART seam trimmer without seam sledge.

Start welding from the opposite direction until both ends meet. Once the rod has cooled, trim the seam as described above.

Final result after correct procedure is carried out.

5. Important Advice

These recommendations should not be considered as a comprehensive and complete guide.

Itec Contract Floors do not recommend the use of speedweld style nozzles for welding as they may damage the protective layer. This is in addition to the installation procedures described above. We cannot make any guarantees for the quality and success of your work.

For further questions on the installation, welding, maintenance and use of Itec Contract Floors please contact our technical staff.

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Product revision notice - Itec Contract Floors operates a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to amend the technical performance and/or specifications of our products without notice. With regard to colour printing of the photographic images, it is only possible to give a provisional representation of the colour.